the cauldron.

This lovely place is locate right next to South Coast Plaza. So perfect for a long day of shopping!

I have been dying to try this place after seeing it on Instagram. It was a lot smaller than I expected but the staff is super informative and really friendly.

All of the ice cream is made fresh, so there’s no way you can try the flavors, which is a bummer, but good thing everything tastes great!

I was hesitant to try to sea salted caramel crunch ice cream. I don’t like it when the caramel flavor is too artificial or if there is too much sea salt.

I took a risk and went for it anyway.

&& boy was I in for a treat! It was amazing. I haven’t enjoyed ice cream this much in a while. The combination of caramel and creaminess was perfect! There were added pretzel bits that made each bite slightly crunchy. A pretzel was added for decor, but it worked at a great little spoon… until it broke 😦 … and then I ate it, so we were all good!

Added tip: You can add the rose shape to any ice cream for free, you just need to say please and thank you

visit sweet carolynn on insta!




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