My favorite location is located in Costa Mesa at The Triangle. This is a fun late night treat, especially after a night out at the local bars.

Frankly, I don’t really remember exactly what I ordered the first time I went here, but I do know it was really good! So obviously, I had to go back to refresh my memory.

Creamistry was one of the first places in California to start making their ice cream from scratch. You pick your ingredients and then they mix it all up and freeze it using liquid nitrogen right in front of you!

There are different ways to get your ice cream served. You can either get the ice cream normal, or as a shake. Also you can upgrade to either a traditional waffle bowl, a brownie bowl, or a chocolate bowl.

I’ve been on a huge cereal kick lately, so I had to get their captain crunch ice cream with strawberries and nutella. It was amazing! You can really tell that this was made fresh!

Only downside about this place is it is really pricey.

click here for more sweet treats.

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