Afters is such a fun place to go, especially if you like to use social media, especially instagram or snapchat. They knows that nowadays, for some, taking pictures of food is a part of the dining process. They have back drops and very trendy wall decor to create a delectable insta pic to make all of your friends jealous!

There are way too many good flavors to choose from! I got stuck trying all the different flavors.. but the staff is super friendly and really eager to help!

After picking the ice cream, you can pick your topping and then if you want it in a cup or a milky bun. The milky bun is basically a donut, you can pick regular or glazed. Obviously I opted for glazed. Go big or go home.

What I recommend:

  • glazed milky bun with cookie monster ice cream, with fruity pebbles.

**disclaimer** ice cream may result in temporarily change in skin tone and will certainly result in turning your tongue blue, turning you into an ultimate cookie monster.

visit sweet carolynn on insta!



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