the loop.

Unlike the other places, the loop is all about churros. It seems like the other places focus more on the ice cream aspect and incorporating ice cream into their desserts. At The Loop, they make it solely about their churros.

Dipped Loop which is the churro + dipping sauce. You can get dulce de leche, nutella, strawberry, or tiramisu.

Glazed Loop which is the churro + glaze + a topping. Where you can get chocolate, cookies and cream, matcha and fruity pebbles, and strawberry glaze with sprinkles.

&& to save the best for last, the Chilled Loop, which is the churro + soft serve ice cream. Hello, let’s be real, isn’t that’s why we’re all here.

My favorite is the cookies and cream with chocolate syrup and oreos with ice cream and the churro. But you can also get caramel popcorn, strawberry glaze, and chocolate and marshmallows.

The only issue about this place is how far it is, I can’t wait for them to expand and open more locations, perfect investment opportunity 🙂

click here for more sweet treats.

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